Stéphane DESCAZEAUD, The new SABC Group Managing Director takes office

Stéphane DESCAZEAUD The new SABC Group Managing Director takes office

"I would also like to thank the Cameroonian men and women I met this evening, as well as the members of the Board of Directors of the Group' s companies, and obviously all the dedicated staff of the SABC Group, for the exceptionally warm welcome I was given. I have only met people who are proud of what they do and happy to be part of this great family, and I have no doubt that together we will continue to develop the numerous investment projects that are in the pipeline. Even though we have come a long way, there are still many opportunities in store for us", said Stéphane DESCAZEAUD, the SABC Group's new Managing Director, who succeeds Emmanuel DE TAILLY in this position.

He was appointed to this position on 13 April 2022, following the SABC Board of Directors. He arrived in Cameroon on 16 May 2022 and has already completed a tour of the facilities and the market. He has met with the main relevant stakeholders of the company, first and foremost the administrative authorities, customers and distributors, suppliers, and has communicated extensively with the staff at the various sites of the SABC Group (Société Anonyme des Boissons, Société Camerounaise de Verrerie, Société des Eaux Minérales du Cameroun, Compagnie Fermière Camerounaise).

Prior to his appointment within the SABC Group, Stéphane DESCAZEAUD had been managing all the African activities of the Crown Group (an American packaging manufacturer with a turnover of USD 11 billion) since 2017. He brings a wealth of experience from multiple responsibilities to the industrial field where he will be in charge of the consolidation of the socio-economic leadership of Cameroon's leading corporate citizen.

On June 23, 2022 in Douala, the Government of the Republic, represented by the Minister of Industry, Mines and Technological Development, Gabriel DODO NDOKE; personal representative of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Grégoire OWONA , the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel MBAIROBE ; the Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel IVAHA DIBOUA, the administrative, traditional and religious authorities, the business community, all paid tribute to the outstanding work of Mr DE TAILLY and welcomed Mr Stéphane DESCAZEAUD.

Mr DESCAZEAUD is counting on the support of the Government and the confidence of consumers to implement the SABC Group's values and meet the consumers' thirst for quality.